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Established since 1981, UNIOR Singapore in its representation of UNIOR d.d in the Asia Pacific region is grounded on its provision of excellent and reliable products. UNIOR Singapore endeavors to provide the best support base for our customerís business activities by ensuring that our customers receive the best quality products and services.

UNIOR has a rich tradition of tool forgery. In addition, the application of superior knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies alongside our own development and our considered choice of materials such as chrome and vanadium steel, guarantees the long useful life and excellence in the tools provided by UNIOR. Furthermore, the original manufacture solutions allow for the exceptional applicability, efficiency and aesthetic appearance of the tools achieved.

The continual strive for excellence and improvement in the quality of UNIOR tools seek to ensure its reliability, durability and safety of our tools. Such is done for the welfare of our customers and to achieve their utmost satisfaction. Moreover, tools provided by UNIOR also cater to both professional and amateur craftsmen, aiding to ensure greater work efficiency and proficiency.

UNIOR Singapore is able to pride herself in her professionalism, especially in her ability to consistently maintain and develop good and long-lasting business relationships with both dealers and clients. She does so through providing her customers with the accessibility to efficient and quality services in complementing the quality and reliability of the products provided.

Mission and Vision: "To promote and to be one of the top brands of hand tools in Asia". We continue to seek and appoint distributors in the far east to serve the region to provide a wide spread of network to enable UNIOR to enhance the brand awareness of its trademark, provide quality service to its customers, break into new markets, and consequently increase its market share and its competitiveness in the modern economy today.

In the vision to expand our network to include new territories, UNIOR Singapore seeks to create a network chain to facilitate easy distribution to the Far East region in order to establish an efficient accessibility for potential customers. We also aim to distribute UNIOR not only to the general market, but also to the Professional users in the Far East region.

Interested to be our Unior Dealer/Distributor: If you believe you could successfully represent and market Unior hand tools in your country, we invite you to join our dealers' network. Send a short introduction and your vision for cooperation to our address or email below.

Our Bankers: DBS BANK
BLK 101 TOWNER ROAD #01-238/240/242
Tel: 1800-111 1111
Fax: 6299 0655

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UNIOR Singapore Pte Ltd

Unior Singapore Pte Ltd   9 Tagore Lane #02-10 9@TAGORE Building Singapore 787472
Tel: (065) 64513818   Fax: (065) 64513807
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