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Hand Tools

Designed for a secure and accurate cut through sheet steel, concrete reinforcement, wires, cables and PVC pipes, but comprising also pruning and grape shears for work in orchards and vineyards, the varied Unior shears line proves its advantages in a wide range of professional and home uses.

Made of superior quality carbon steel, Unior shears have drop forged jaws, induction hardened blades, and solidly insulated handles, and also feature an efficient surface protection.

A highlight in the range of Unior cutting tools is the Plus Shears, which, thanks to the inserted blade, render the cutting of sanded sheet steel more effective, faster and less tiresome. Compared to common sheet metal shears the Plus Shears display a 10-times longer durability--with no damage to the blade or the object you are working on.

Cable shears

Tin snips

Bolt cutters

Cable shears insulated

Pruning shears

Electricians' scissors

Pvc pipe cutters

To download: Right-click ONE of the following and "Save Target As..." in the folder of your choice
  1. Shears (3.5 MB)

  2. Shears (1.7 MB) - To extract the catalog, right-click the compressed folder that was saved on your computer, and then click "Extract All". In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify where you want to store the extracted catalog.

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