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Unior pipe and tubing tools allow safe and efficient installing of plumbing systems, as they transfer much of the additional force onto the pipes and provide a strong and steady hold without nuts or bolts.

Ideal for tightening various tubes and pipes is the Unior pipe wrench, made of chrome-vanadium steel and with a serrated jaw enhanced by induction hardened teeth. The Special Grip pipe wrench, thanks to its ergonomic shape, always fits in your hand perfectly while performing a firm, non-slip clasp on tubes regardless of their shape or width.

The range of pipe wrenches is complemented by other tools dedicated to pipe-work installations, such as various tube cutters and vises, tri-stands, flaring tools, test pumps for pipe-work and the like.

Unior pipe and tubing tools are distinguished by high quality and durability.

Pipe wrenches

Joint pliers

Tube cutters

Yoke vices

Tri stands

Sets of pipe wrenches

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