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Hand Tools

With their perfect design and technological superiority, Unior pliers ensure a high precision hold in any instance of general or dedicated use. As the most frequently utilised hand tool, pliers continue to preserve the advantages developed throughout their more than 2,000-year-long history, while expanding the fields of their use with new variations.

With ergonomic handles and a specially designed grip, surface Unior pliers provide maximum comfort at work and high efficiency with minimum strain.

All-purpose, combination, diagonal-cutting, wire-stripping, duckbill and special brake spring pliers as well as other Unior gripping tools are distinguished by an exceptionally precise hold. The pliers are made of excellent steel with special improved composition. Several models come with additional chrome surface protection.

The manufacture of Unior pliers takes place under constant quality control. In every production phase all pliers are checked individually this diminishes the possibility of flaws and assures the safety of their use.

Electronic pliers
  • Electronic combination pliers
  • Electronic front cutters
  • Electronic flat nose pliers
  • Electronic round nose pliers
  • Electronic snipe nose pliers
  • Electronic wire strippers
  • Sets of electronic pliers
  • Insulated pliers
  • Combination pliers insulated
  • Cutting nippers insulated
  • Flat pliers insulated
  • Round nose pliers insulated
  • Wire stripping pliers insulated
  • Universal pliers insulated
  • Long nose pliers with side cutter insulated
  • Sets of insulated pliers
  • Sets of insulated pliers in tool trays
  • Pliers
  • Combination pliers
  • Cutting nippers
  • Long flat nose pliers
  • Round pliers
  • Wire stripping pliers
  • Double groove joint pliers
  • Variable joint pliers, box joint pliers
  • Long nose pliers with side cutter
  • Sets of pliers
  • Sets of pliers in tool trays
  • Crimping pliers
  • Terminals
  • Sets of crimping pliers in tool tray

  • Lock rings pliers
  • Sets of lock ring pliers
  • Sets of lock ring pliers in tool trays

  • Carpenters' pincers
  • Sets of carpenters' pincers

  • Tower pincers
  • Sets of tower pincers

  • Grip pliers
  • Sets of pliers in tool tray

  • Pliers with special function
  • Revolving punch pliers
  • Spare punch
  • Combination slip-join pliers for gas tubes
  • Duckbill pliers
  • Brake spring pliers
  • Tile pincers
  • Universal welding pliers

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