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Hand Tools
Additional Hand Tools

The line of additional Unior hand tools comprises instruments that will ensure the accurate filing, honing and perfect trimming of your final products. And with all your work pieces safely and precisely locked in place, working with them will be quicker and safer.

Made of superior quality material, the Unior clamps, files, saws, knives, abrasive and cutoff wheels, tyre levers, pry bars and other instruments from the additional hand tools line display a well-studied and efficient design.

The majority of these tools are also available in sets.

Clamps: Universal, screw and quick-action bar clamps ensure fast and easy clamping and a variable clamping force for different types of jobs. The replaceable jaws and the anticorrosion protection layer, as well as a series of other excellent qualities prolong the utility of the clamps.
Files: Owing to their ergonomic, double component handles, the Unior rasps as well as the smooth and bastard files enable adequate forming and finishing of a material or product. The files are double cut and made of high-alloyed carbon steel.

Saws: All Unior saws (bow, hand, pruning and other types of saws) come with high quality steel blades-some of the models feature frames with storage for spare blades. Their well-designed handles further facilitate sawing.
Universal knives: These same qualities also characterise the range of universal Unior knives available with spare blade sets.
Scrapers: The flat, triangular and spoon-shape scrapers have ground blades, lacquered stems and wooden handles.
Cutting wheels: Cut-off and abrasive wheels are designed for hand-free use on angle grinders, with a group of wheels especially created for forming and finishing fibrous metals, also suitable to be used on aluminium as well as steel, artificial materials and non-ferrous alloys.
Tyre levers: Completing the range of automotive and carpentry tools are tyre levers of high-quality chrome-vanadium and pry bars made of tool steel.
Special tools: And for that extra bit of help that will really make your work easy you can always rely on Uniorís screw extractors, enabling the removal of broken screws and bolts, and the hand riveter with interchangeable assorted-size nosepieces.
Threading tools: For unscrewing ruined screws and threaded bolts without damaging threads; applicable for both right-and left-hand treads
Axe: Mason's axe; Camp axe and Home axe
Material: special composition for hardening and tempering, forged
Awls: Awls with round straight blade, 90° bent blade and double bent blade
Tweezers: Flat tweezers, pointed tweezers, bent pointed tweezers, cross pointed tweezers and spade pointed tweezers
Vices: Housing from gray iron casting; drop forged jaws from tool carbon steel, hardened and tempered; lacquered housing, jaws anticorrosive oiled, other parts zinc plated; spindle protected against damage
Sprayers: Number of pieces in set - 10

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