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Measuring Tools

Unior measuring tapes, torque wrenches with overload protection, vernier callipers (digital as well), spirit levels, try-squares, masonís levels and feeler gauges are excellent representatives of accurate measuring instruments, without which a successful planning and execution of work is simply impossible to imagine.

Unior measuring tools are precise and at the same time simple to use Ė both in general measurements with classic measuring tapes in different variants as well as in specific masonry and locksmith works, in gauging threads, etc. Their use is test-safe.

Unior precision tools are available in classic variants and state-of-the-art digital versions with added timers and other features. All tools are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current international standards.

Torque wrenches

Measuring tapes

Spirit levels

Mason's profiles

Try squares

Vernier calipers

Feeler gauges


To download: Right-click ONE of the following and "Save Target As..." in the folder of your choice
  1. Measuring tools (1.7 MB)

  2. Measuring tools (1.1 MB) - To extract the catalog, right-click the compressed folder that was saved on your computer, and then click "Extract All". In the Compressed (zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard, specify where you want to store the extracted catalog.

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